Creature Comforts moving beer to cans

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. of Athens, GA, is about to roll its new canning line.
The craft brewery is among many nationwide that are adopting cans vs. bottles. The rationale, from Creature Comforts’ viewpoint, is outlined in their blog:
“We truly believe cans are a superior packaging option for our beer. The two main concerns we have for our beer when it comes to packaging is oxygen and light exposure. The double crimped seal on a can is a much tighter barrier than a cap on a bottle. This means our beer is going to stay tasting fresher longer as oxygen contributes to degradation of fresh flavors and a wet paper and cardboard flavor in beer over time. Secondly, cans keep out 100% of light waves, which is the best possible option, as “light struck” beer can end up tasting rather skunky and happen very quickly.
“…Aluminum is more recyclable than glass with about 75% of all aluminum ever produced still being in circulation. Secondly, the aluminum can weighs less than a glass bottle and is a shape more conducive to efficient shipping. Simply put, we can fit more beer in the same amount of space that weighs less per package. Consequently, we use less trucks and fuel to get our beer out to the shelves and our environmental impact is a little bit less.”
Tropicalia and Athena are the first beers slated for canning.