Sonoma Cider: Welcome to Georgia!

Sonoma Cider is a California-based cidery that uses fresh juice from tree ripened apples. No concentrates, ever. Sonoma hand selects small, organic apples – the fruit where most vivid, concentrated flavors live.

Generous doses of time, trial and expectation yield all-natural, certified organic ciders. Available in three surprisingly distinct flavors, apple, bourbon and pear.

The Hatchet
The Hatchet is a unique blend of native organic apples – each batch is handcrafted to bring out fresh, ripe apple aromas by carefully pairing sweet and tart varietals. The result is a clean, refreshing hard cider with noticeable complexity and a lively finish.

The Pitchfork
It’s an apple connoisseur’s pear cider, hand-crafted with organic apples and a measured infusion of pear essence. It’s both intense and balanced, greeting you with the distinct aromas of both fruits. We’re convinced its fresh play of flavors, crisp start and creamy pear finish will inspire a fan club all its own.

The Anvil
Sure, you can age subtly in bourbon barrels. And subtlety is sometimes enough. But, with the Anvil, the real spark ignited when nuance was tossed aside in exchange for a healthy measure of our barrel proof bourbon straight from the vat. Suddenly, something intense, alive and memorable happened. To our palates, it offers a clean, lively, aromatic presence with a layered smoky finish.

All three styles are available in 22 oz. bottles and four-packs of 12 oz. bottles. 6 ABV.